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," and tucker carlson. steve? >> the problem is if they came down the website until it's right, that's likely to be six months and long beyond that. then you get into the problems we discussed before. you have the sickest people signing up. you have other people incapable of signing up. do you penalize them? do you not? it creates, i think, and exacerbates a set of problems the white house doesn't want to deal with. if the white house doesn't make this decision now, they get themselves further into trouble and make the ultimate decision that much more difficult. i think these are the kinds of things being debated behind closed doors at the white house and elsewhere with ceos of insurance companies and others. we've got to make a decision. what do we do and when do we make this decision? every day that passes, i think they can make their problems that much more difficult. >> they are trying to lower expectations, clearly, julie. dan pfeiffer this weekend on abc. >> our goal is to get as many people done as possible. i can promise the first enrollment numbers released later this month won't be
of the opportunities, particularly in the middle east. i know steve will talk about some of the opportunities in the areas of arms control and disarmament and beyond, perhaps. my own sense is that the trade relationship leaves much to be desired. i happen to have been involved in my post government life -- and i had one -- with the boeing company, which did a great deal of work and still does a great deal of work in russia, including an airplane design -- a airplane design shop in moscow where 1500 excellent russian engineers, about 30% of them women, help and design boeing airplanes. and where our relationship in the field of tie tainyum in particular is very -- titanium in particular is very strong. no boeing flies today without russian titanium, without russian design, and indeed without russian engineering. when the 77 airplane was being built, we had an option of having four, four-wheel landing gears or two, six-wheels. and we happened to notice on one of the airplanes a six-wheel airplane, so we copied your technology. in fact, we got the main beam in that landing gear from you in tita
incognito spent the text messages and voicemails that were both threatening and racially charged. steve hargan has the story for us. this story seems to have gotten more serious, really, the more we learn about it, steve. >> reporter: that's right, shepard, it's gotten more serious and a much bigger story as well. on monday here about a dozen satellite trucks where the dolphins practice inside that bubble. initially dolphins fans were puzzled by this story. racist texts, physical threats, and phone messages, a very dark story indeed. now incognito himself says he's innocent, he says he's the victim of a vendetta by sportswriter. but it's been enough for the dolphins to suspend their forward guard. >> i want to show you some information i'm just getting in here, these are some tweets. thoughts and prayers to coach cub and his family tonight, that from john weeks, prayers go out to the family. and, wow, hope cube is okay. there's no better mana in the business. >>> meantime, a scary moment at another nfl stadium when a coach collapsed on the field. it happened at halftime at the houston t
ever gone home with me, steve? i'm just a bystander. >> a bystander who got his phone hacked. >> why don't you have a lock on your phone? >> i don't have a lock on my phone. i never thought people would do something like that. >> we're right here on "kilmeade & friends." >> don't encourage him. >> we're going to start with this. it's a jaw dropper. it was one month ago today that obamacare kicked in. and we showed you in the 6:00 hour of our program that the system was down, and now ever since then we wondered how many people signed up. and now elizabeth and "kilmeade & friends" we have information and it is not good for the administration. >> apparently six people -- >> six. >> there's no thousand or million or trillion after that number. it's just six. but according to -- we have marilyn tavenner who was questioned and kathleen sebelius, they continue to stonewall and say they can't give the official count of six. >> we will not have those numbers available until mid-november. >> we will have those numbers available in mid-november. >> we will get those numbers in mid-november. >>
to turn to democratic senator steve beshear, republican governor john kasich in neighboring ohio. i wanted to take this out of washington because in kentucky you set up your own health care exchange. in ohio, governor kasich, you declined to do so until the federal government comes in to do that. let me start with you. the president says there is no excuse for this terrible rollout for obama care through the website. are you as frustrated with how all of this has started? governor kasich? >> is that to me? >> yes. >> yeah. well, look, david, the problem is obama care doesn't control costs. secondly, it's going to drive up the costs for the vast majority of ohioans. it threatens business to grow beyond 50 employees, and frankly, what i think has to concern everybody, this economy is stalled and people don't know what the future is going to bring. and when people are uncertain about the future, they sit on their wallets, and that's why we're not seeing the kind of economic growth that we need to see that's so vital to create new jobs here in the state of ohio. >> that's the argument against
page or steve jobs. he has high standards. the fact that he pushes everyone around him to operate at their best. >> rose: dick cheney, dr. jonathan reiner and brad stone when we continue. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> an enemy that operates in the shadows and views the entire world as a battle field is not one that can be contained or deterred. an enemy with fantasies martyrdom. >> rose: he was secretary of defense under president george h.w. bush and press of staff to gerald ford. heart disease threatened his life in the course of his political career. he suffered five heart attacks the first at the age of 37. reconciled himself to dying three years ago when he was at end stage heart failure. a heart transplant in 2012 saved his life. he talks about his experiences for the first time in the new book, it is called heart, an american medical odyssey. he wrote it with the cardiologist dr. jonathan reiner who will be joining us later. i'm please to do have dick cheney back on this program. welcome. >> thank y
on seven years now, they were quite convinced, apparently, that both steve cohen and those work for him were engaging in some kind of wong going-- doing. but they were unable to do a criminal case against c mr. cohen himself. they did not have the evidence they needed to make that case. so back in july they indicted the firm. and suggested that the entire firm was fostering a culture of securities fraud. >> a culture of securities fraud so remind us, it is insider trading so the charge that they agreed to is what, that this was going on. he still says he has nothing to do with it? >> right, well he and his company have maintained that they behaved properly throughout this process but back in july the government indicted the company, said that basically a large number of employees of sac capital had been trading on material nonpublic information that is information that has the ability to move stock prices. but is not known by the broader public. the government also alleged that cohen had been hiring people specifically because they had relationships with people at publicly-traded compan
for the united states, madeleine albright. i am listing her as part of the usip team, which includes steve hadley, george moose, jeremy rabkin, dr. kristin lord, our executive vice president. i would like to recognize a couple of special state department guest, ambassador jones, the assistant secretary of state for near east affairs, the u.s. ambassador to iraq, and the deputy assistant secretary of state for iraqi and iran. if you would come forward, i would like to recognize bill taylor who is our vice president for the middle east and africa and leads our efforts in support of iraq's success and is a great asset to the institute, to the united states, to the world. she has done a perfect amount of work where iraq is concerned. she has published a book, and she is an important part of the institute and has led for years our work. she was big about the u.s. institute's work in iraq. >> thank you for such a warm introduction. i would like to welcome his excellency prime minister maliki, his accompanying delegation, and our guests. usip has been working in iraq since 2003. we have shared its high
not come in and demolish it. the plan to put up a plaque where jobs and steve built the first apple 1 commuters in 1976. jobs' step mother still lives in that house. >> i'd like to sit in the garage. change the wisdom. >> what a place. >> today marks the 100 days until the winter observation. >> organizers say they are almost ready. most of the sports facilities are built and they need to finish up the olympic stadium. this year there will be 12 new events clouding -- you can watch all of the action here on nbc bay area. >> to the world series it's winner go home time. the red sox beat the cardinals 3-1 to take a 3-2 series lead back to boston. should be a good one. >> it's 5:49. if you have been jonesed into getting your hands into cougle glass. how you can do that. >> we'll look at the future of the cop coming up. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no,
100,000 -- steve: i want to bring up something that president obama promised, his biggest promise as he was selling obamacare. take a look. >> you got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, keep your doctor, keep your plan. nobody is talking about taking that away from you. >> congressman├ž├│ becerra, in your state of california, 160,000 people are being kicked off by kaiser permanente because their plan doesn't mean the obamacare standards. the president is breaking that promise. >> andrew striker from los angeles, 34-year-old male, is getting off his current policy because it is not good. he's paid about 600 dollars a month. what he found on the website was he was going to save about $6,000 in the year. about 60% of the americans who go on to the website -- >> chris -- >> about 60% of americans go on the website will find they will qualify for a plan that costs them about $100 or less per month. that is far better than they have right now. >> chris, let me get into this. >> that's the beauty of the plan. we need to give it some time to see it work. >> here's
was at the press conference today and joins me now. both steve cohen were engaging in wrongdoing didn't have the evidence they needed. settlement of the charges against the company does not create any sort of immunity for cohen himself or any individuax3 and i think the u.s. attorney, he might have mentioned that four different times during a 40 minute press conference. so they are still looking into him. there is also a civil case with the sec which also could carry a significant bite. the sec is looking to bar stephen cohen from the securities industry for life. this is almost a harshest penalty the sec can dish out to anyone. that has yet to be resolved. that is likely to be a major blow for someone who thought of himself and was widely seen as the greatest trade never his generation. >> sheelah kolhatkar of business week, thanks very much. >> egypt's first democratically elected president now on trial for >> ifill: egypt's first democratically elected president, now on trial for inciting murder was defiant during his brief first day in court. newshour correspondent kwame holman begins ou
page or steve jobs. he has high standards. the fact he pushes everyone around him to operate at their best. and i think the fact that he's developed a culture for the company that allows lots of innovation to sprinkle up from the grassroots of the company. just this year we've seen really amazon firing on all cylinders from expanding its grocer business to getting into apparel and the new kindle fire tablets. they're doing a lot because he's created that culture. >> rose: all of that he has said i think publicly, the purpose is to be able to have you demand his products to sell you to go into kindle. >> unlike apple you buy it at cost you buy one of them and you become a better amazon customer. >> rose: what's the criticism of the company. >> amazon's a tough competitor. they say their customer focused but they can be pretty ruthless and we've seen it in its competition with zappos which it ultimately acquired -- and the way in which it has stimulated that transition to ebooks and book publishing. there isn't a lot of book publishers or book source for that matter that has
phone 4 in june of 2010? >> we're having a little problem here. >> steve jobs couldn't get it to connect to the internet. embarrassing, but they worked it out. when facebook went public last year a technical error in nasdaq's system delayed the start of trading resulting in a loss to market makers of half a billion dollars. and those of you old enough to know who rube goldberg was may recall the rollout of the edsel, a ford motor company automobile so awful its name still is synonymous with a costly flop. and let's not talk about lehman brothers, bear stearns, aig, jpmorgan chase. the crash of '08. beside those calamities, obamacare's computer problems pale. oh, yes, mistakes are made by big corporations and big government. and although i was for something else, something simpler and easier to manage, i'm betting this will get fixed. as for those strident partisan voices crowing over obama care's first bad round, ask yourself if those weren't some of the same voices cheering on the invasion of iraq and promising victory would be swift and easy. ten years. trillions of dollars. and all th
a number of republicans including steve stockman and senator jim enhoff, michele bachmann has said the house could consider impeachment of president obama. what does this mean for your party looking ahead to 2016. >> it's not helpful today and i've been a campaign manager on several campaigns where i get a phone call from a family member and said, chip, i made some comments we may need to talk about. never helpful when a family member goes way off the talking points and says something like this. i agree with daniellea a little bit. this happens at the end of bush's term when they call him a racist and compared him to adolf hitler. this doesn't help the country and doesn't help the party that's doing it. as we're trying to move past closing down the government, i think we need to stay on the issues as close as possible. >> do you think ted cruz said, dad, we've all been there probably at one thing or another, dad, you went too far or do you think that, frankly, he pretty much agrees with him? >> no, no, i'm sure he's had a conversation with his dad since that and said, dad, it's not
the highways, steve? >> the other element of this is when you talk to people, they say look, this will be used for innocent purposes, it will not be abused. we will use it to track how much people are driving and charge them. when we think about the last year, the nsa story, the irs abuses, does anybody really have trust this technology would not be abused? i don't think very many people feel comfortable about it. a lot of people on the left who want to limit the amount of driving that you can do because they think the car pollutes and causes all kinds of different problems. martha: is this technology ready to go? a whole other government agency, now you're talking about another layer of government folks out there. >> absolutely. tracking the whereabouts, where we are driving. managing people who want to hack this, how safe is that? very easy to hack into the government infrastructure. martha: if somebody is stalking you, they can hack into the system and follow you. i don't like this at all. but it is halloween so maybe it is all just a big joke. thank you. >> thank you. bill: going to follow
an explanation. steve has more on this story. >> this controversy just keeps widening. spab now summoning the u.s. ambassador on monday to discuss these allegations of spying on spanish citizens that it said could break what's become a climate of trust between the two countries. now, if proved true, it could be a diplomatic problem for the u.s. and spain. earlier the spanish newspaper said the n.s.a. had recently tracked over 60 million calls in spain. that in the space of a month alone. citing a document that was part of a paper by contractor edward snowden. this comes amid the political fire storm over whether president obama was informed that the german prime minister's phone calls were wiretapped. >> giving any document at all about any world leader, the person briefing him or the briefing bookie would have to say where it came from, especially since it's so controversial, so sensitive, i should say. to no. i can't believe as commander in chief, as president of the united states that if this was being done that he didn't know about it. >> and others, democratic operatives, say there's every
am listing her as part of the u.s. ip team, which includes steve hadley, former national security adviser and a member of professor jeremy rap can and ms. judy ansley, who are also members of our board. dr. kristin lord is with us. she is our executive vice president. in addition, i would like to recognize a couple of special state department guests. ambassador beth jones, who is the assistance of terri state for near -- assistant secretary for near east affairs. if you would come forward, i would like to recognize bill taylor, ambassador bill taylor, who is our vice president for the middle east and africa and leads our efforts in support of iraq's success. also, a great asset to the institute, to the united states, into the world. she has done a terrific amount of work where iraq is concerned. she is public the book. a book.shed she is a very important part of the institute and has been leading for years our efforts where iraq is concerned. she is going to describe a little bit about the work of the institute in iraq. >> thank you for such a warm welcome. i would like to welcome
,t of the usip which includes steve hadley, jeremy rads, kristin lord, our executive vice president. i would like to recognize a couple of special state ambassadorguest, jones, the assistant secretary of state for near east affairs, the u.s. ambassador to iraq, and the deputy assistant secretary of state for iraqi and iran. if you would come forward, i would like to recognize bill taylor who is our vice president for the middle east and africa and lead to our efforts in success, andaq's then a great asset to the institute, two united states, to the world. she has done a perfect amount of work where iraq is concerned. andhas published a book, an important part of the institute and has let ari -- work.s led for years our she was big about the u.s. institute's work in iraq. >> thank you for such a warm introduction. i would like to welcome his excellency prime minister malki, his accompanying delegation, and our guests. usip has been working in iraq since 2003. we have shared its high moments as well as its difficult ones. we work hard with our partners in government and civil society to overcome th
it was in january 1991 when i implored tom to bring to the house floor a resolution that steve zoeller's and i had introduced to ask then president bush to engage in military action in operation desert storm to drive saddam hussein out of kuwait. i was convinced that tom opposed military intervention. i know that a good many of his caucus were strongly opposed as well. it was an exercise in political courage and personal decency for tom to agree to bring the resolution up for an open debate and record a vote under those circumstances. but he did. we had one of the most spirited but civil and informative debates in which i have been privileged to participate in all of my 38 years in congress. we prevailed in the final outcome that day but i would have been proud of the house and the speaker regardless because the house demonstrated to the world that it was truly a deliberative and democratic a- day. tom and i always struggled to find common ground when there were no issues upon which we could not agree, we could at least use common courtesy and the way we conducted our politics. that is not just go
, are you there? she is not. the next caller is steve from west haven, connecticut. caller: how are you doing? host: fine thank you. go ahead. caller: i was watching the show this morning and i'm just curious. go ahead. you'll have to stop looking at the tv and go on with your comment. caller: what are going to be the new rules that i was talking about about what are they going to do about -- host: you mean the hydrocodone drug. caller: yeah, how will they be able to prescribe them? will they have to go to different doctors or some new policies? host: as i remember, it would be a schedule two drug good but doctors can prescribe demand only offer a 90-day supply. supply, that'sy it? host: and that is not a final decision by the fda. that is just a proposal that has to be approved by different agencies. caller: thank you very much. i love your show. host: david from ashland, lenora, republican line. caller: yes, i have one comment about obama. i have been a democrat all my life and i just switched in the last two years to republican. and i want to tell you that i am ashamed of him. thank
for the public to engage it. they spent more on this website, the taxpayers did, than steve jobs spent on creating the iphone. it's been a total collapse. it needs to get running. this entire model is really not a model that's going to work. people don't really want or need to pursue health care to sustain the requirements for funding it unless they have a health issue. the only people right now that are pursuing the options in the website are people who have sickness today. so that's why young people aren't pursuing it. that's why, as we look down the road, i think it's going to be very improbable that the funding component is going to be there. the insurance companies are certainly calling on that now. they're saying the fund willing not be there to allow for it to continue. >> but sir, when you look at the enormity of this project and you look at projects like this in the past the united states has undertaken, these things don't just happen overnight. and i will tell you that i spoke last hour with jonathan gruber, who was the architect not only for romney care but also as a key adv
in manhattan are prepared to announce a deal dade. the steve run by steven a. cohen is expected to pay more than a billion dollars in criminal penalties, the largest ever for an insider trading case. also will plead guilty to insider trading. it has been one of the most popular hedge funds for decades. >> what is a small town in southern california have to do with towns in greece, costa rica and italy. they are known to have the healthiest people in the world. what makes them so special? we went to the only blue zone in the u.s. to find out. >> 60 miles east of downtown los angeles, you'll find loma linda, a university town in a blue zone, one of five places around the world where people live measurably longer, healthier lives. >> i'm 99 years old. >> the day we met ellsworth, we found him mowing his lawn and tending his garden. what's more remarkable, just four years ago, he retired from a long, successful career as a heart surgeon. >> as long as your hands are steady and eyes good, why, you can do it. i could do cardiac surgery right now. >> then with he met 84-year-old jim anderson exerc
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)